Light steel villas are the mainstream trend of advanced residential

Light steel construction has become an important entry point for energy saving and emission reduction in the construction industry due to its clean production process and recyclable materials. Light steel villas represent the mainstream trend of advanced residential buildings.
At present, the European and American light steel residential market is developing rapidly and is popular for its environmental protection, fashion, practicality and durability.
Light steel villa, the leader in building quality. The galvanized steel used in the building structure has excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Under normal conditions of use, its service life is 275 years, and its seismic performance is far superior to traditional concrete and brick-concrete houses. The GB technical specification design specification and quality system are relatively complete, in line with the ISO9000 family standard, and can be combined with the “Building Quality Leader” ISO14001. In addition, more than 80% of the materials in light steel villa buildings can be recycled without wasting resources.

Post time: Aug-13-2019
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