Santiago, Chile International Building Materials Exhibition

Exhibition time: October 2nd – 5th, 2019
Venue: South America – Chile – San Diego
Exhibition industry: building materials

The exhibition is the Chilean Construction Biennale, the construction industry, the Chilean Construction Industry Association, and the Chilean Cement Concrete and Equipment Manufacturers Association. It is an influential exhibition at the Chile International Exhibition.

Range of exhibition

1. Kitchen furniture complete sets of furniture, equipment and related products; all kinds of ceramic products, bricks, mosaics and colored road tiles;

2, doors and windows and supporting hardware, architectural glass, various profiles; all kinds of stone and stone processing tools;

3, all kinds of curtain walls, canopies, roofs, greenhouses, mobile homes, etc.; floor, carpet, wallpaper and other paving materials;

4. Construction engineering equipment, engineering machinery (rigs, mixers, cranes, rock drilling machines, etc.), mining equipment;

5. HVAC, refrigeration equipment, pump valve tubes, water treatment equipment;

6, all kinds of architectural decorative panels, wire, veneer, etc.; wall materials, plaster, thermal insulation and insulation materials;

7. Lighting and supporting electronic components such as houses and public places; anti-theft, fire alarm system and entrance and exit control equipment;

8, all kinds of architectural coatings, paints, chemical adhesives; stairs, swimming pools and sauna equipment, recreation and leisure facilities; parking garage (field) management system.

Post time: Sep-16-2019
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