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  • Turkey Istanbul International Building Materials Exhibition

    Istanbul International Building Materials Exhibition was founded in 1978. It is held once a year. It has been successfully held 42 sessions so far. Due to its strong professionalism and large scale, it has won a certain international reputation and has developed into a professional building mater...
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  • Nigeria Lagos International Building Materials Exhibition is about to be held

    The exhibition has received strong support from the local government of Nigeria and has become an influential professional exhibition in the construction and building materials industry in Nigeria and even West Africa. In the past, it has attracted exhibitors from Egypt, Dubai, Turkey, China and ...
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  • INDOBUILDTECH EXPO will be held in July 2020

    The Indonesian Jakarta Building Materials Exhibition INDOBUILDTECH EXPO is the most important benchmark for the construction industry and technological progress in developing countries. The organizer is the well-known Indonesian DEBINDO exhibition company, which enjoys great popularity and influe...
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  • Kenya Nairobi International Building Materials Exhibition

    The 23rd Kenya Nairobi Building Materials Exhibition BUILD EXPO Kenya will be held at the Kenyatta International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya from July 22-24, 2020. The exhibition will invite trade visitors from Central Africa and Africa, as well as Kenya, Tanzania Cooperation with many regional ...
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  • Algeria Algiers International Building Materials and Engineering Construction Equipment Exhibition

    Range of exhibition 1. Construction machinery and equipment: ceramic machinery, glass machinery, stone machinery, cement machinery, steel bar processing equipment, brick machinery, brick and tile machinery plates, mine crushing equipment, mixing stations, construction vehicle manufacturers, etc ....
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  • BATIMATEC will be held in June 2020

    BATIMATEC is very popular with local agents and distributors. These agents and distributors regard the exhibition as a particularly effective way to find products and suppliers. At the same time, it is also considered by multinational companies as one of the first exhibitions to showcase their co...
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  • The annual Caracas International Building Materials Exhibition will be held soon.

    The annual Caracas International Building Materials Exhibition will be held soon.

    The annual Caracas International Building Materials Exhibition in Venezuela will be held in Caracas in May 2020. As Haixing cold roll forming machine manufacturer knows, the exhibition was jointly organized by Confex International Exhibition Company, a well-known local exhibition company in Venez...
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  • Colombia Barranquilla International Building Materials Exhibition

    Colombia Barranquilla International Building Materials Exhibition

    The Columbia Building Materials Exhibition is a three-day gathering of people in the industrial field organized by Camacol. A comprehensive and rich series of exhibits will be presented at the exhibition, and you can also participate in professional academic conferences. Cold roll forming machine...
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  • Georgia Tbilisi International Building Materials and Interior Decoration Exhibition

    Exhibition time: April 30th to May 3rd, 2020 Location: Asia-Georgia-Tbilisi Exhibition Industry: Building Materials CAUCASUS BUILD is currently a large, authoritative and professional building materials exhibition in the local area. It has become a well-known event with high international value a...
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  • April 2020 Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition

    April 2020 Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition

    In the past two years, the completed area of ​​industrial buildings and commercial buildings in the Russian state has reached 1.3 billion square meters and 90 million square meters, respectively, which is almost equivalent to the total area of ​​the first 10 years. Real development requires a lot...
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  • Large, professional building materials and machinery exhibition in the ASEAN region

    Range of exhibition 1. Building materials: ceramics, ceramic processing equipment and ceramic products, kitchen and bathroom, bedroom textiles, home decoration accessories, flooring and carpets, house interior design, natural stone, artificial stone, diamond tools, plastic profiles, aluminum prof...
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  • The Oman Building Materials Show will be held from March 30 to April 1, 2020

    Oman Building Materials Exhibition is the whole industry chain exhibition of building materials decoration in the Middle East and Africa. 1. Ceramics, ceramics and stone: all kinds of floor tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, outdoor walls and floors, wall coatings, tools / cleaning / installation te...
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