● How to ship the machine during an epidemic?

Before shipment, we sterilize the roof roll forming machines and the container inside and outside for multiple times to ensure the personal safety of the loading and transportation personnel, and to ensure the safety of the customers who received the roof roll forming machine.

● 5 tons of hydraulic uncoiler operation video

This video perfectly shows how 5 tons of hydraulic uncoiler works. Among them, how to complete the advance and retreat and lifting operation of the hydraulic trolley.

● 705 glazed roof machine forming and cutting

What is the difference between the glazed tile machine and other single tile forming machine? It requires additional profiled parts to form. This video shows the working process of a glazed roof machine.

● 1000 trapezoidal metal roof roll forming machine

This video shows the working process of a steel roof tile forming machine. This machine uses colored steel coils with a width of 914 or 1219mm as the raw material for forming the tiles. It can use galvanized steel coils, galvalume steel coils, aluminum coils, color steel coils.

● R72 R101 roof machine, hot-selling steel tile presses in Mexico

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