• Introduction of Cold Forming Technology

    Introduction of Cold Forming Technology

    ​Cold forming is a new process and new technology of sheet metal forming that saves material and energy. Cold roll forming equipment Cold roll forming (Cold Roll Forming) is the continuous horizontal bending of coils, strips and other metal plates through sequential multi-pass forming rolls to ma...
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  • Madrid International Building Materials Exhibition, Spain

    Range of exhibition 1. Interior decoration: carpets, various floor materials (PVC, cork, linoleum, etc.), technical and decorative paints, surface material maintenance supplies, interior decoration auxiliary materials and accessories, various interior doors, wall covering materials, ceramic walls...
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  • Advantages and material selection of steel gutter

    In large-scale factories, steel gutters use a large part of steel, but steel gutters also have their own advantages. The wind load in coastal areas is generally relatively large. If the color plate gutter is used, under the action of strong wind load, the color plate gutter is weak and easy to be...
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  • Tokyo International Building and Home Materials Exhibition

    JAPAN HOME AND BUILDING SHOW is a Japan-scale housing and construction professional exhibition sponsored by the Japan Housing Equipment System Association and the Japan Energy Association (JMA). The exhibition provides a comprehensive exhibition of exhibition materials and other related products ...
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  • Nigeria Lagos International Building Materials and Construction Machinery Exhibition

    BUILDMACEX NIGERIA is an international trade exhibition dedicated to building materials, HVAC, doors and windows, floors and glass and aluminum. It is hosted by ATLANTIC EXHIBITION NIG.LTD. The exhibition brought together buyers and purchasers from the construction and building materials industri...
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  • Australia International Building Materials Exhibition

    DESIGN BUILD is a large-scale professional exhibition of building materials in Oceania. The professionalism of the Australian Building Materials Exhibition ranks first in the industry in Oceania, and it is also one of the world’s professional and technical construction and building material...
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  • How can the metal roof machine be used for a long time?

    First, clean the surface of the metal roof machine; It is strictly forbidden to work beyond the minimum closing height, that is, the minimum distance between the bottom surface of the upper sliding box and the working surfaces is 290 mm. The height after the upper and lower molds is required plus...
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  • Cebu International Building Materials Exhibition

    Strong professionalism: This exhibition will bring together new and cutting-edge industrial technologies of related industry information machines to provide industry exhibitors and professional sellers with a professional international trade platform. According to Yingtuo’s investigation, t...
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  • Sao Paulo International Building Materials Exhibition

    Huge potential: The exhibiting companies cover all civil fields such as construction, decoration, refrigeration, ventilation, paint manufacturing and so on. The annual increase in international attendees at the Sao Paulo Building Materials Exhibition in Brazil reflects the huge potential of Brazi...
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  • Kazakhstan Almaty International Building Materials Autumn Exhibition

    ​Kazakhstan Building Materials Exhibition KazBuild is an influential comprehensive building materials exhibition in Kazakhstan. The exhibition has been certified by the Russian Federation of Exhibition Industry (RUEF) and the International Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI), and has obtaine...
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  • Newest Hot Selling steel plate slitting machine

    Newest Hot Selling steel plate slitting machine

    The steel plate slitting machine is a kind of equipment for longitudinal slitting of the metal wide coil material. The steel plate slitting machine is used to slit metal coils: such as slitting strip steel, stainless steel, copper strip, aluminum foil, etc. It is mainly used for steel processing ...
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  • Brazil Sao Paulo International Building Materials Exhibition

    FEICON BATIMAT, a building material exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is organized by the Latin American trade exhibition contractor Reed Brazil, to promote the flow of resources and further promote the exchange and contact between Brazil and the world. Exhibition criteria 1. Outdoor gardening sup...
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