Why copper is by far the most superior metal roof?

So far, copper is the most superior (and most expensive) metal roof material because it will not rust.

If installed correctly, some copper roofs can last for 100 years or more.

There is also the recycling/scrap value of the copper roof. In fact, recycling copper roofs can provide a considerable return on capital.

If you decide to choose copper, you need to keep two things in mind: First, you must use copper fasteners (ie copper nails, copper screws, etc.) to fix the copper. This is important because copper will react negatively with any other type of metal, which will cause copper corrosion (no rust), and fundamentally make the copper swallowed by the strong metal (this will greatly reduce the life of the copper) roof Life). Secondly, because copper is an electrical conductor, in the event of a lightning strike, to ensure safety, you need to ensure that it is properly grounded.

Want High-quality metal roof tiles? You need high-quality raw materials and high-precision forming machines.

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Post time: Dec-18-2020
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