• International Ground Wall Materials, Paving and Design Exhibition

    Exhibition time: December 2019 Venue: Shanghai, China Main exhibit categories: 1, Ceramic tiles; 2, Stone (blocks and indoor plates); 3, Floor finished products and production equipment and technology: 4, Carpet class; 5, Elastic flooring; 6, Wall materials: integrated wall decoration, integrated...
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  • Double layer roof roll forming machine is ready for transport.

    The double layer roof roll forming machine is completed and passed the inspection, ready to be shipped to Nigeria, and the customer is ready to receive. Look forward to working together again and wish you happiness.
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  • Why do customers choose polyurethane sandwich panels?

    Polyurethane sandwich panels have the following characteristics: 1), Low thermal conductivity Polyurethane sandwich panel composite board has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance, and is currently the best insulation material. 2), PU sandwich panel is beautiful and eas...
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  • Factory Real Shot – Steel Coil

    Galvanized coil, aluminum coil, color steel coated coil ————————————————– Any need, just contact us! E-mail: Whatsapp/Phone/WeChat: 0086 15522419684
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  • What are the standards for color steel plates?

    For buildings, the weight of the load (wind load, snow load, construction workers and machinery), the span of the building, the design of the lay length, etc. all depend on the strength of the steel plate. For color-coated and galvanized sheets for building maintenance structures, there are corre...
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  • high-quality color steel roof roll forming machines

    Color steel plates are an attractive replacement for wood and other materials because of their advantages of preventing fading, weathering, and chalking. At the same time, a wide variety of colors, surface structures and coatings make it extremely optional and advantageous. With 20 years of exper...
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  • What is the reason for the popularity of color steel tiles?(2)

    We also learned that color steel tile also has the advantages of high durability, good heat insulation and reasonable price. High durability: The life of any color steel plate on the market is at least 15 years. It is also convenient if you replace it later. Manufacturers of roll forming machines...
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  • What is the reason for the popularity of color steel tiles?(1)

    It is well known that color steel tiles have some features such as aesthetics and ease of installation. Aesthetics: The original characteristics of colored steel plates are aesthetics, especially the colored steel plates with many lines after forming, which can meet the needs of any building. In ...
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  • BLECHEXPO is a professional trade fair for sheet metal processing technology.

    German metal sheet processing link technology exhibition BLECHEXPO is a professional metal sheet processing technology trade exhibition, which was started in 1993. This exhibition will be your first choice, providing process-based information exchange and procurement platform for metal processing...
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  • Roll forming machine manufacturer team

    Haixing Industrial Group Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of roll forming machines, our team includes the following personnel: Sales: 8; Engineer: 25 (2 engineers with more than 30 years of work experience, 5 engineers with more than 20 years of work experience, 8 engineers with more than ...
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  • Basic knowledge of color steel plates

    Basic knowledge of color steel plates

    The roof roll forming machine is mainly used for the production of roof tiles, wall panels, building boards, etc. Among them, one of the commonly used raw materials for the tile pressing machine is the color steel plate. According to Haixing Industrial Company: 1. The substrate of the color steel...
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  • Two single layer roof tile forming machines and a 5 tons hydraulic uncoiler are shipped.

    Yesterday, workers loaded steel roof formers and uncoilers into transport vehicles and sent them to the port. The order included two single layer roof tile forming machines and their accessories, and a 5 tons hydraulic uncoiler. Please wait patiently and the goods will arrive at the customer̵...
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